Brushes and painting tools, such as paddles and spatulas.

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Find the perfect brush and essential tools to master your artistic technique.

Artify Set 15 nylon paint brushes

Robust construction: Reinforced with strong adhesive to prevent the splint from loosening. It contains high-quality, durable and detach-resistant nylon bristles.

Water Resistance Test: Contains triple-layer protective coating combined with a thick adhesive, which provides strong water resistance for more than 48 hours.

Variety of shapes and sizes: Our selection of 15 brush shapes and sizes is sure to inspire your creativity. The game includes: flat, round, eyeliner, oval brushes (countersunk), grainer and fan. A selection of sizes that allows you to realize your vision on a large scale, with small details, or both! The game also contains two sponges and a gift paddle knife in order to enhance your pictorial experience.

CONDA Professional Gaming

Color Palette Artist: The 11-piece set includes 1 each of 11 standard styles of paint knives. Each spatula has an individual package just in case all the security.

Palette knives: The various sizes and shapes open up a variety of opportunities to apply paint to the canvas, shape colors once they are applied, and mix paints into the palette.

Set of 10 Leuceiy knives

Material: Our knives are made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean and not easy to corrode and rust. The handle is made of wood. It's ergonomic and feels good, making your painting more fluid.

The stainless steel connected to the wooden handle is bent, which is good to avoid touching the paint with your fingers. It is a great gift for classmates, friends, daughters, sons, brothers and sisters, etc.

Colorfin PanCake Knives Sofft

Colorfin PanPastel offers an innovative range of Sofft knives, specifically designed to work with their revolutionary pastel powder colors. These high-quality knives allow artists to apply, mix and control PanPastel pigments with exceptional ease and precision. Made from durable, premium materials, Sofft knives provide a smooth and comfortable painting experience.

Each knife features a specially designed Sofft sponge tip, which adapts to the shape of the work area and facilitates the application of PanPastel colors. These knives, along with the wide range of PanPastel shades, offer a world of creative possibilities for artists looking to explore and master new techniques in cake art.

Spatulas Acrylic Painting Set Siumir

● Material: Stainless steel blades, plastic handles.

● Superior quality: Stainless steel blades are lightweight and flexible; Sturdy plastic handle offers long service life, easy to grip; Metal buckle to prevent loosening of the blade. Ideal for long working hours.

● Sophisticated Design: There is a curved metal rod link between blade face and handle to prevent the finger from touching the color of the image while painting, and at the same time makes it more flexible and free in control.

Brushes for Paint, RATEL.

VARIOUS BRUSHES: RATEL brushes with different thicknesses and shapes can meet all your painting requirements, including the following shapes: round, angular, hazelnut, fan, flat, no one is superfluous! These art brushes are perfect for any level of artist, from beginners to professionals.

Paint him Case Fine Paint Brushes

Paint with maximum detail – Fine-tipped brushes will allow you to paint with maximum precision small places that are difficult to reach with other brushes. They are ideal for botanical painting, illustrations, portraits, miniatures, modeling and any work of art.

Ergonomic Design – We have designed the brushes with a triangular handle to offer stable and balanced control, as well as great precision to paint details. Forget about hand pain while you're painting. Also, they don't fall off the table!

The Best Brushes You'll Find – With a variety of 15 brushes, the set gives you the perfect brush for every occasion. Round, thin, flat and eyeliner tip, and sizes from 4/0 to 2, make it a perfect set for arts and crafts, Warhammer and miniatures, nails, face painting, children's painting, for amateurs and professional artists.

WLOT Paint Brushes

Detail brushes: 10 different brushes in size 5/0, 3/0, 2/0, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, packed in a smooth plastic bag and out by elastic means on a piece of card

Seamless copper ferrules: Seamless copper virolas of brush artists does not rust or crack, holding the brush hair firmly without lint

Multi-purpose detail: These brushes are suitable for oil, acrylic, watercolor painting, art painting, miniature face painting, detailing, craft model art, etc.

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