Material for making jewelry, such as beads, wires, fasteners, and tools.

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Beads, wires, closures and tools to design and create your own pieces of jewelry.

SEE Lamination Machine

4-in-1 Rolling Mill: Rolling mills, with 4-in-1 performance, can press gold and silver in multiple sheet, square, semicircle and circle sizes. Its rollers are also easy to change to meet your different requirements, a machine necessary for jewelry processing.

Adjustable Press Thickness: The distance between the rollers can be precisely adjusted from 0.1mm to 7mm through the T-shaped bar. With a reduced gear ratio of 1:2.5, the roller makes one full turn for every 2 and a half turns of the handle, relieving the amount of force needed to operate the wire roller mill.

Durable Steel & Cast Iron: This jewelry rolling machine comes with cast iron frame and chromed steel forged rollers for added strength and long service life. The blue powder coating on the surface provides good corrosion and wear resistance to allow the device to operate consistently.

ZFYQ Beads to Make Children's Bracelets

The package consists of 24 kinds of colorful and charming DIY beads with different sizes and shapes. 24 different colors andcolorful beads, stars, hearts, flowers, circles, discs, spacers, petals, water droplets, letters, butterflies, crystal hearts, candy, crescent moon, ocean, fruit patterns, etc.

It contains 26M stretch crystal line, a mini scissors, a small accessory bag and 2 hair clips. To meet all your DIY needs!

24 forms of beads are well stored in 24 compartments with a gift package. They are all pastel colors and combine with each other. Girls can make friendship bracelets, necklaces and headband, ideal birthday and Christmas gift for girls.

Beads are made of acrylic plastic, eco-friendly, solidity.

Beads easy to create and design, which children focus on and help children improve hand-eye coordination, creativity and parents can help them create different necklaces, bracelets and hair clips. It is suitable for children over 3 years old

EuTengHao Jewelry Repair Toolkit

The package includes 10 types of findings: 275 open rings (4 mm), 130 open rings (8 mm), 50 lobster closures (12 mm), 70 22 mm head pins, 70 pieces (10 mm), 200 crimping beads (2 mm), 20 earring hooks (20 mm), 20 clasp pieces (20 mm), 20 pieces with clip closure (9 mm), 20pcs tape ends (10mm) and 50pcs with clamp. Loops (7 mm).

All these jewels are silver. The package also contains 1 brass ring 1 piece of curved pliers, 1 tweezers, 1 black leather cord (0.5 mm), 1 roll of clear glass beaded cord (0.5 mm), 1 roll of copper wire beads (0.5 mm), 1 x 10 memory cables for wristband (0.6 mm) and 1 roll of bead wire (0.45 mm).

EuTengHao 13200 pieces of small glass seed beads

Fully 13200 pieces small glass beads include 24 colors and each color has 550 pieces. The package also contains two 0.6mm rolls with a transparent bracelet string for making jewelry and DIY bracelets.

The size of the seed beads is 3 mm in diameter, the hole is 1 mm. There are 24 colors in this box (aquamarine, dark green, green, champagne, transparent transparent, gray, LT AB cream, cream, sky blue, light blue, teal, golden, tan, hot pink, fuchsia, pink, light pink, brown, park red, burgundy, blush, orange, lavender, violet).

Plastic Thread 200m Scoubidou Rope Thread

That bead ropes and threads kit includes 200 x 1m multicolored plastic cords (in total 200m), 10 x snap clip hooks and 10 x keychain ring clips, the clip hooks are 25mm long, the keychain ring clip has 25mm diameter, very resistant and durable quality.

The plastic yarns have 20 vibrant and assorted colors that meet all your need. Each rope measures 1 m long (656 feet), long enough to make DIY or crafts of different measures, the plastic ropes are round tube shaped, with a diameter of 1.8 mm

Closing: Snap

Made of high quality durable PVC, safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly material, durable and expandable, facilitates your DIY process, does not break easily.

Naler Color Beads

Made of glass, 2mm diameter, 24 different colors.

This kit also includes the necessary accessories, such as scissors, small rings and lobster buckles.

It comes with a box of 24 compartments, each compartment corresponds to a color, easy to distinguish and store the accounts.

Ideal for making jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces, rings, costume jewelry, DIY DIY, they can also be used for knitting beads, embroidery, sewing and other projects.

Note: Accounts are small, so children must be under adult supervision when using them.

Naler 500 artistic pearls

Includes 500 synthetic pearls.

Made of high quality acrylic. Color: white.

4 different sizes: 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm. Hole diameter: 1 mm. 125 pieces of each size.

Beautiful, durable, lead and nickel-free, clean and uncontaminated.

Perfect for craft or decoration projects: weddings, birthday parties, bridal hair accessories, shoes, photo albums, etc.

Opaltool Jewelry Making Kit

High-quality material: These accessories are made of high-quality alloy, it does not rust easily. This game includes everything you need to start making necklaces, earrings and more, supplied with all the tools and accessories you would need, it is the perfect gift for beginners.

Jewelry Making Accessories: The jewelry accessory kit includes open rings (5mm, 7mm, 8mm), lobster closures, iron ribbon, pin, flower beads, flat head, earring head and head.

Top Bead Pliers: The jewelry repair tool kit has 3 jewelry pliers needed: round tip pliers, wire cutting pliers, and chain tip pliers. Each plier has a double-leaf spring and non-slip handles that make them effective and safe for use.

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