Material for the creation of candles, soaps and homemade beauty products.

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Make your own candles, soaps and natural cosmetics with our materials and kits.

Materialix Paraffin wax for candles

Paraffin wax is used for the production of candles of all kinds, including table candles, candles, thin candles, votive candles, candles, floating candles, jugs, etc.

The very low oil content of less than 0.5% ensures stable and uniform smokeless combustion.

Our paraffin can contain a large amount of fragrance without this influencing the quality of the flame.

Paraffin wax produces a better aroma emission than any other wax.


Amzeeniu Candle Manufacturing Kit

Contains everything you need to make candles: 4 x 110 g beeswax,1 x 550 ml stainless steel pot,50 x candle wicks,56 x candle wick stickers,2 x candle wick holders,8 x candle jars.8 x dyes,5 x stirring rods,3 x silicone molds, 1 x Mixing spoon, 1 x Instruction manual (Spanish language not guaranteed). Very suitable for beginners.

All materials included in the candle set are safe and non-toxic and can be used safely. The super clean beeswax combustion and low shrinkage rate make it more exceptional.while the wick stabilizer, oven and mixing rod are made of stainless steel.

The candle kit contains all the tools and comes with instructions,The bow tie allows you to keep the wick of a candle centered and greatly simplifies the process of your DIY candle. With a variety of silicone mold shapes that can be reused and manufactured according to your favorites in different sizes and shapes, all cans with attractive designs are very beautiful and durable.

This candle making game comes with a beautiful package that you can give to your partner, friends, parents. It creates a romantic and warm atmosphere, as well as adds a festive atmosphere.

URAQT Candle Molds

Candle molds are made of food-grade silicone. The quality of silicone is very high, resistant to high temperatures, reusable, durable and not easily damaged.

You will get 3 silicone mold, 15 candle wicks and 1 stainless steel wick holder. You can put any color you want and be creative, and the result will surprise you.

Since these are food-grade materials, you can use detergent or any type of cleaning product used to clean dishes to clean them.

Fix the candle wick in the center of the candle mold, pour the hot wax liquid into the wax crucible and wait for it to become firm, then you need to cool it with cold water and gently push the bottom of the mold to pull out the candle.

URAQT 3D silicone mold for candles is not only used to make candles, but can also be used for candy, cake molds, resin molds, soft candies, decorations, soap making or more crafts you can imagine. You can even add some lavender flower oil for a great lavender perfume.

Candle Dyes DecorRom

VIBRANT LIQUID CANDLE COLORING: We have developed our range of 20 liquid candle dyes that provide a selection of dazzling colours to create the DIY candle you want! Simply combine them to achieve unique custom colors!

EASY TO USE: Unlike the traditional candle dye block that requires extra melting time, our liquid candle pigment requires no preparation and is ready to use. Easy to control your drops to get the perfect shade every time!

SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE: Due to the high concentration, shake very well before use. The high dyeing power and excellent color reproduction of grease-soluble candle coloring ensures that it can be proficient in any candle making.

DecorRom Soap Fragrance Oil

It comes with 12 different scents, very concentrated, customize any of its unscented soaps, bath bombs. Use your imagination to create a scent that is simply yours.

Highly concentrated soap that produces fragrance oil, just a few drops and you will be amazed by the fragrances. Try our perfumes on finished products, because the smell will be strong before diluting.

Soap essential oil for making bath products is also great for slime and DIY cosmetics, air fresheners. And it can be added to your favorite body lotion, massage oil or bath oil.

Food grade skin-grade bath bomb fragrance oil is made from cruelty-free and non-aggressive chemical ingredients. Specially tested to ensure that every scent is simply amazing!

RoseFlower Set of Silicone Molds for Soap

This soap making supply set includes 1 * Rectangular Silicone Mold (42 oz), 1 * Wooden Box Container, 1 * Wooden Cover, 1 * Adjustable Wooden Soap Cutting Mold, 1 * Straight Cut Scraper, 1 * Slice Scraper Wave, 1 Stainless Steel Wire Cutter, 2 Small Silicone Molds (Clover Pattern).

Our soap mold is made of food grade wood and silicone, non-toxic and long shelf life. The rectangular silicone mold does not adhere to the surface material, you can easily pull out the soap crafts with a push. Silicone soap molds have a safe temperature range of -40°C to +230°C. Softness, good elasticity, anti deformation, can be in the oven, microwave oven, refrigerator.

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