Calligraphy and lettering tools and supplies, such as pens, ink, and guides.

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Perfect the art of beautiful writing with pens, inks and professional guides.

Gulang-keng Calligraphy pen

This set of pen tips and stands is ideal for cartoonists and artists looking to create fine lines, lithography, cross tracing, alphabets, and uniform line drawings.

Refillable calligraphy pen, so pens last much longer, hence the replacement design also saves money for customers.

To develop your skills and express your ideas through beautiful designs.

Adjustment for the practice of calligraphy and artistic drawings, illustration, handwriting, writing, signing and design.

This item includes 1 pen holder and 6 tips, 6 different tips for your various needs. (more than 1 set and a special discount price for you)

The Ultimate Guide to Modern Calligraphy and Lettering June & Lucy

Hello, my dear artist friends! My name is Kristin and I am the mother of the most incredible little human being in the world, a graphic designer, a passionate hand lettering and the creator of June & Lucy. The 4 things I like most in life are cats, coffee, sofas and cooking. And, as you may have already seen through my Instagram publications, I think I'm much funnier than I probably am.

With this book, my intention is to save you countless months of research and trial and error, as well as prevent you from making all the mistakes I made along the way. Therefore, I will offer you a direct and easy-to-understand explanation of the process behind hand lettering, so that you can start your journey through the world of lettering with a solid foundation.

Remember to share your progress with me as you move forward. Do not hesitate to ask me any questions that arise. I can't wait to see your creations, my beautiful people!

Hethrone Calligraphy pens

EVERYTHING YOU NEED – Complete accessories – to enjoy learning calligraphy! This exquisite set includes 1 bird pen, 1 wooden pen, 1 non-toxic colorful ink, 1 stamp and 5+12 replaceable tips, all presented in a classic style box, convenient to use during writing and easy to store afterwards using.

HIGH-GRADE MATERIAL – The feather is made of natural pheasant feather, it is not the same in every shape, size, it has no duplication (all feathers fall off naturally, so it does not harm the animal), and the body of the copper pen can prevent rust and wear, the alloy tips, non-toxic black ink, The whole set of pens is using quality material for you to use with ease.

The Beginner's Guide to Calligraphy June & Lucy Kids 

Hello everyone! My name is Kristin and I have created this book especially for children over 8 years old who want to know the exciting and fun world of lettering. This book teaches children the basics of modern calligraphy and lettering by hand, and includes six unique alphabet styles that will allow them to develop their skills. They will have the opportunity to demonstrate everything they have learned in the projects they will find at the end of the book. It includes step-by-step instructions (perfect for beginners) and a good number of practice pages and complete projects that will bring out the creative side of the little ones. Lettering is an ideal activity to relieve stress, promotes mindfulness and offers hours of fun away from the screens of electronic devices.

Hethrone Calligraphy Markers

8 PENS WITH DIFFERENT TIPS – Calligraphy pens have 8 points in size (0.5mm, 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, extra-thin, thin, medium, brush, soft brush), contains the set of soft and hard tip black calligraphy for beginner hands letters.

SAFE HIGH QUALITY INK – The ink in these calligraphy pens does not smell, contains no acids, is non-toxic and does not damage your skin. This hand lettering pen features water-based, fade-proof, waterproof and pigmented black ink, and is the best choice for practicing calligraphy, artistic drawing, and hand lettering.

EXTENSIVE USAGE OPTIONS – The soft tip with medium stiffness makes writing this calligraphy marker very fluid. Hand lettering pens with different pen thicknesses allow you to choose freely between thin or thicker lines. This is the best option for signatures, greeting cards, calligraphy practices, artistic drawing, illustrations and for beginners in hand lettering.

Creative JournalBooks Lettering Notebook for Boys and Girls 

"Lettering Notebook for Boys and Girls" is a book designed to introduce children from 7/8 years old to this fascinating world. They will be able to learn step by step the basic theory of lettering and practice in an entertaining way until they get to make incredible compositions that they can use to decorate a birthday or Christmas gift card, to customize a t-shirt or do any other type of creative project.

Lyuvie Lettering Markers

Punta Pincel Markers consists of a soft brush tip of 1-2 mm and a thin tip of 0.4 mm, to shade color to outline allows you to write in thin and thick lines. Double-ended markers for handwriting and coloring books, art design and coloring in large areas. Brush pens can be used for drawing and writing. Fine-tipped markers can stimulate your imagination and creativity and allow you to have no limits when creating art.

Lettering brush tip markers do not contain acid, are non-toxic, colors can be dispersed, mixed with water, no need to worry about stains, stains and are odorless. Brush pen will give consistent lines for fine art details and brush letters. Fine tip pens perfect for coloring books, sketches, illustrations, drawing, planner, notebook, calendar and more.

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