Cutting machines and stamping tools, such as Silhouette Cameo or Cricut.

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Create precise, custom designs with professional tools like Silhouette Cameo or Cricut.

Silhouette America Silhouette Cameo 4 Cutting Plotter

Cutting plotter that can cut a wide variety of materials, a must for any hobbyist!

High cutting force: up to 5 kg. Therefore, you can also cut thicker materials such as leather, as well as balsa wood and mossy rubber (optional)

The built-in roll feeder allows you to easily load and cut laminated materials such as vinyl and heat transfer.

Cutting width of 30.5 cm – Cutting length up to 3 m (when using selected materials)

Cricut Marking Wheel Pack

Create very deep marking lines, allowing for optimal pleats and an impeccable finish on both thick and fine materials

Compatible with Cricut Maker

Includes QuickSwap knife holder, can be used with interchangeable tools

Create dimensional labels, cards, gift boxes, 3D home decorations and more

Optimum quality for customer requirements

Cricut Joy | Starter Pack

Discover the magic of the DIY world with Cricut Joy | Starter pack! 🌟 This small but powerful device will allow you to unleash your creativity and customize everything around you. From greeting cards to home décor, the possibilities are endless. 🏠💕

This pack includes everything you need to get started: the Cricut Joy machine, a selection of cutting materials, essential tools, and a step-by-step guide so you can start creating right away. Immerse yourself in the Cricut universe and transform your world with unique and stylish projects! ✂️🎨✨

CRICUT PC2007004 Maker (Rose) M1

Professional cutting performance and versatility

Cut over 300 materials, from paper and the most delicate fabrics to mat and leather

Rotating blade to cut virtually any fabric without a backrest

Over 500 digital sewing patterns and quilt blocks available from Riley Blake and others (sold separately)

CRICUT Deep Cutting Blade

Deep tip blade and housing

Makes it easy to cut a variety of materials for your projects

The deep tip blade has a pronounced blade angle, 60 degrees and a hard and durable steel

Optimal for creating custom wall calendars from chipboard, use rubber sheets to cut your own seals or make custom magnets

X FITNESSX SIM Craft Toolkit

Premium material: The grid tool kit is made of high quality stainless steel, provides wear resistance, durability, rust, etc. With the different tweezers and hooks you can easily remove the sticker and make small repairs, they are not easily damaged, it can be carried at any time.

With sharp ends and different angles, everything you need can be removed exactly from the vinyl sheet. The tweezers have a high hardness and good resistance, they are comfortable and easy to pick up the vinyl. The spatula is designed to lift images from the cutting mat to break complex curling iron images or break or break. Scrapers can quickly clean unwanted leaflets from a large area.

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